Ready to move forward!

We are entering this extraordinary school year ready for whatever it may bring! Our priority remains enabling teachers and students to continue their studies whether at schools or in their homes, online or offline. 

Here you will find all necessary information that will help you to move forward! Training and webinars, blogs and information on Pearson digital resources all available in one spot so that you do not need to lose a single day of learning.

Hand in hand, we can help you continue your learning journey.

Online Platforms


ePanel is a breakthrough app for teachers. The app lets you easily review new releases from Pearson, gives you access to digitized units of Pearson courses and extra clasroom materials.

With ePanel, your laptop, tablet or smart phone can be a one-stop tool for all the classroom resources you need: student books, workbooks, teacher’s books and audio resources.

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Pearson English Portal

The Pearson English Portal aligns on and offline English teaching and learning resources, bringing them together at a single access point; providing a comprehensive, easy to use learning management tool.

Enriched with a variety of digital resources, the portal encourages engagement, improves teaching, enhances the learning experience and improves outcomes.

Pearson English Portal offers a single access point to all of your online course components, including MyEnglishLab.

NEW! Pearson English Portal now also offers:

  • access to online eBooks,
  • Test Generator for online testing,
  • Integration with the videoconferencing platform Zoom.

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MyEnglishLab offers interactive tasks and additional benefits, helping you to access learning anytime, anywhere.

For teachers MyEnglishLab provides automated marking, monitoring progress and can serve as an online messaging tool. For students the tool offers tips and feedback, as well as access to video and audio.

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Primary Academy & Pre-Primary Academy

FOR TEACHERS of young learners aged 3-12

Primary Academy and Pre-Primary Academy are resource hubs with carefully chosen supplementary teaching and learning materials, such as grammar presentations, worksheets, videos, songs and rhymes. The resources have been designed for both classroom use and remote teaching, and can be either streamed or shared with learners.

To help tackle the challenge of distance teaching, we offer teachers free 60-day access to Primary Academy and Pre-Primary Academy. The access code with instructions are located in ePanel in the TEACHER RESOURCE BANK section.


Online Teaching Methodology ESAP

How to teach an engaging online lesson?

Get to know our online teaching methodology ESAP - Engage / Study / Activate / Practise which is similar to a traditional face-to-face lesson. You just need to adapt your lesson to take into account the digital tools you have available.


"How to teach online with..." guides for our key titles

Explore digital components of our key courses, learn about the methodology behind them and use sample online lesson plans as your source of inspiration.

The guides are available for the following titles:

Gold Experience 2nd edition    Wider World

Focus 2nd edition    High Note    

Gold New edition    Roadmap    

Speakout 2nd edition

Distance Teaching Video Trainings

We invite you to watch our video trainings on the topic of distance teaching and learning. The videos will provide answers to your questions and doubts concerning choosing online tools and platforms for remote learning, different ways to engage students in lesson content as well as distance assessment. For a start, we recommend the following video trainings:

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Useful links

Guides & tutorials for remote education platforms

Please follow the link to the World Health Organisation for advice about the status in your country. 

Find the latest information about school closures.

Please see this distance learning blog from UNESCO.

Classroom resources – choose from a wide range of topics and access free classroom activities, worksheets and lesson plans – download resources.

See the Pearson English Blog article: Six top tips for teaching English online

Download our GSE Teacher Toolkit guide - how to find free downloadable grammar resources for adult learners.

Handy Guide to Teaching Online by Lindsay Warwick

Teaching English from home? Try these 5 fun online platforms

6 ways to keep your students motivated if exams have been postponed

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Blogs - Teenagers

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