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During this difficult time of the Coronavirus outbreak, our first priority is the safety of all those people whose lives we affect. Not only our employees but also the teachers and learners who put their trust in Pearson.

Now, as teachers and students are unable to continue their studies in schools as part of a first line of protection it may seem that your education has come to a sudden stop. But this does not need to be the case. We, at Pearson believe that learning should never stop, so we are here to help and support you during this difficult time.

Here you will find webinar recordings & links, videos, blogs and information on Pearson digital resources available for you so that you do not need to lose a single day of learning.

So we say to you, ‘Don’t stop learning! Don’t stop teaching!’ Hand in hand, we can help you continue your learning journey.

Online Platforms


ePanel is a breakthrough app for teachers. The app lets you easily review new releases from Pearson, gives you access to digitized units of Pearson courses and extra clasroom materials.

With ePanel, your laptop, tablet or smart phone can be a one-stop tool for all the classroom resources you need: student books, workbooks, teacher’s books and audio resources.

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Pearson English Portal

The Pearson English Portal aligns on and offline English teaching and learning resources, bringing them together at a single access point; providing a comprehensive, easy to use learning management tool.

Enriched with a variety of digital resources, the portal encourages engagement, improves teaching, enhances the learning experience and improves outcomes.

Pearson English Portal offers a single access point to all of your online course components, including MyEnglishLab.

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MyEnglishLab offers interactive tasks and additional benefits, helping you to access learning anytime, anywhere.

For teachers MyEnglishLab provides automated marking, monitoring progress and can serve as an online messaging tool. For students the tool offers tips and feedback, as well as access to video and audio.

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Primary Academy & Pre-Primary Academy

FOR TEACHERS of young learners aged 3-12

Primary Academy and Pre-Primary Academy are resource hubs with carefully chosen supplementary teaching and learning materials, such as grammar presentations, worksheets, videos, songs and rhymes. The resources have been designed for both classroom use and remote teaching, and can be either streamed or shared with learners.

To help tackle the challenge of distance teaching, we offer teachers free 60-day access to Primary Academy and Pre-Primary Academy. The access code with instructions are located in ePanel in the TEACHER RESOURCE BANK section.


60-day free access codes

To contain the threat of Covid-19, your school may be closed, and you might be working remotely with your students. To help your students continue to progress in their learning journey, we have arranged FREE access to your digital course content for 60 days via the Pearson English Portal, where your students will be able to access learning materials and practice materials. 

If you have not accessed the Pearson English Portal before, please see our website to learn more. To get help on how to use the Portal, please see our help website

Where do I find Access Codes for my course?

  • If your students do have their student’s book – the access codes can be found inside the front cover and activated at english.com/activate.
  • No book, no problem! Please contact Pearson office to find out how to access digital resources.

Distance Teaching Video Trainings & Webinars

Distance Teaching and Learning: Useful Tips for Making it Work webinar with Dr Ken Beatty

In this webinar, Dr. Ken Beatty, an expert on online teaching and learning, focuses on the needs of teachers and learners of all ages and at all levels. He explores how to get organized, plan effectively, stay motivated and keep learners engaged and answers key questions about online distance learning.


Digital Solutions for Online Learning with Christina Cavage

Learn how you can leverage digital tools to deliver course content in an online environment. This session covers the how to’s of using MyEnglishLab and other tools to keep your course moving and your students motivated.


How to deliver an engaging online lesson to teenage learners? with Michael Brand

Teaching English online is already popular. For some teachers, recent developments have suddenly made it the new standard. But being thrown in at the deep end is never easy. In this webinar, we’ll look at how can we continue our lessons with teens in an online setting. We’ll consider planning, pre-lesson tasks and follow-up, digital delivery tools and platforms, the use of video and ways to build in interaction all with the aim of helping English teachers of teens to find their feet in the world of online teaching.


Using Versant Placement Test as a Home-Based Assessment with Nick Laul

Is your program in need of a home-based testing solution that will allow you to assess your students’ English language skills if your primary test is not available? The Versant English Placement Test is a 4-skills test that can be taken by computer for admissions and program placement. With score mappings to common scales like GSE, CEFR and TOEFL, it is easier than ever to integrate results into your existing enrollment process. In this session you will learn about Versant Placement Test and how you can implement it with your program.


MyEnglishLab: Your Solution for Anytime, Anywhere Learning with Janay Phillips

MyEnglishLab, a Language Management System, provides solutions for distance learning, anytime, anywhere. This session will walk you through the steps of registering your product, creating a course, and utilizing the wide array of tools available within MyEnglishLab.


How to teach exam students online?

During these uncertain times, many students and teachers are moving their classes online. But, what does this mean for exam students?
This webinar discusses the tools and strategies required to help motivate and maintain focus for exam students studying in an online classroom environment.
We’ll be looking at techniques on how to encourage student-directed learning (SDL) and self-motivation, as well as ways to assign tasks and give feedback.


How to teach exam students online with Gold Experience with Billie Jago

As lessons shift from the classroom to online, materials need to be adapted to suit our new environment. But, how can we maintain interactivity in lessons, and how can Pearson’s online resources help?
This webinar discusses using the Pearson online portal to deliver engaging online classes. We’ll look in detail at how to assign tasks, the student app, and how we can use Pearson’s online resources to encourage independent learning.


Experiences Mindfulness - Family Meditation: how to support your family’s mental health

Join Amy Malloy for a supportive exploration of how and why our family can respond in stressful times, with practical ideas and takeaways to help support positive mental health for the whole family.


Join our upcoming webinars. See how you can ease the process of online learning both for yourself and your students! Click on the best time for you, to register for the webinar.



Date & Time

How to teach online with RoadmapLindsay Warwick

23/04 9:00 GMT

23/04 14:00 GMT

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Distance teaching and learning summary

We’ve prepared a summary for this school year. See the outcomes of our survey and learn what are the 5 key results across Central & Eastern Europe. Find out more about:

1. Online classes - Most effective

2. Motivation - Biggest challenge

3. Used coursebook - Preferred content

4. Online assessment - Limited cheating

5. Struggling students - Digital inclusion

Useful links

Guides & tutorials for remote education platforms

Please follow the link to the World Health Organisation for advice about the status in your country. 

Find the latest information about school closures.

Please see this distance learning blog from UNESCO.

Classroom resources – choose from a wide range of topics and access free classroom activities, worksheets and lesson plans – download resources.

See the Pearson English Blog article: Six top tips for teaching English online

Download our GSE Teacher Toolkit guide - how to find free downloadable grammar resources for adult learners.

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