Wednesday, 21 October 10:00 - 14:00



10:00 - 11:00 "How to bring the outside world into the classroom with video" with Sue Kay

Personally I don’t need convincing of the usefulness of video as a teaching tool, or of how motivating video can be in the classroom. I’ve been recording videos and writing worksheets since the days when my school had one video player which we wheeled into the classroom on a Friday afternoon. In this webinar I’ll make the case for using more and better-quality video in the classroom. Using examples from Focus, I’ll discuss which video genres work best and why, and I’ll demonstrate how they can facilitate effective lessons and improve learning.

Sue Kay has been working in ELT since the early 80s and has been an author for the last 25 years. Her first publication was the Reward Resource Packs published by Heinemann. With co-author Vaughan Jones she has written various course books including the Inside Out series for Macmillan and Focus, published by Pearson. Sue is also the co-founder of two innovative companies operating in the ELT publishing industry: firstly, ELT Teacher 2 Writer, which publishes books and runs training courses that help teachers and writers perfect their writing skills; secondly ELT Publishing Professionals, a dynamic online directory of freelance professionals with powerful search tools to help publishers find skilled freelancers with the right experience for their projects


11:10 - 12:10 "Ready for the next step – Pearson initiatives for all teaching scenarios" with Daniel Muszynski

Digital transformation has been around for a while now. However, the year 2020 decided to intervene and pressed a fast-forward button for all of us…
With the new school and academic year at our doorstep we’re looking at a future where both teachers and students need to be ready for all types of classroom settings – in-class, remote, mixed – and for their potential to change overnight. Pearson addresses this with a number of new developments to make teachers’ and students’ lives easier and their work uninterrupted.

Daniel Muszynski

English Philology graduate at the University of Silesia with over 15 years of experience in ELT as a teacher, ELT consultant and teacher trainer. Most recently engaged in social media communication and marketing, but never leaving the world of English. Privately an advocate of words who enjoys a good book and quality language and an enthusiast of photography.


12:20 - 12:50 "Ready to move forward" with Iveta Vītola

During this talk will look at newly published and approved language learning materials that fully comply with the competence-based teaching and learning curriculum. The new courses for primary and secondary school students engage them, increase their confidence and equip them with knowledge and skills required to succeed in their education and in their lives in general. You will also learn how we can support teachers and users of Pearson materials on daily basis.

Iveta Vitola
Regional Manager for the Baltics.


12:55 - 13:55 "Being in line with being online, even when you’re offline" with Phil Warwick

What a difference a year makes! Suddenly we find ourselves exploring different mediums and platforms to deliver mainstream lessons and classes to students who, like the rest of us, are adjusting to the new normal. What seemed like short-term fads or doses of edutainment are now standard practices, Zoom has zoomed into our lives and impacted our methodology in ways that we are still trying to understand. In this session we’ll explore the advantages and shortcomings of distance learning and how to complement this with bursts of face-to-face teaching, revisiting blended learning in the context of the current situation.

Phil Warwick has been involved in ELT since 1989, during that time he has taught in various countries and to various age groups. Over the last 10 years he has delivered teacher training sessions to educators in more than 30 countries and been involved in various projects from teaching English to Scientists, running an University English department, to training teacher trainers in Turkmenistan. He is currently waiting out the pandemic by teaching at a local grammar school in Brno, where he is based and delivering the odd online course for the summer school, he has been academic manager of for more than a decade. Outside of teaching, like most people, he enjoys good food and good conversation along with hearty walks in the countryside to burn off the accumulated calories.

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