We invite you to participate in our live online training - webinars.

Pearson webinars are free trainings dedicated to teachers and educators that allow you to receive a certificate of participation without leaving your home.

Participation in the webinar may require registration on a dedicated platform or joining a thematic group.

List of current webinars:

May 15th, Friday

Closing plenary with Ken Beatty

Details coming soon


April 22nd, Wednesday

Experiences Mindfulness - Family Meditation: how to support your family’s mental health

Join Amy Malloy for a supportive exploration of how and why our family can respond in stressful times, with practical ideas and takeaways to help support positive mental health for the whole family



April 23rd, Thursday

How to teach online with Roadmap with Lindsay Warwick

With classroom teaching moving online, many teachers are concerned about how to use their coursebooks in a live online lesson so that learners are engaged and learning outcomes are achieved. In this webinar, Lindsay Warwick will demonstrate how you can use the digital resources that come with Roadmap to create a speaking lesson with language input and practice. Lindsay will suggest ways to adapt this plan to suit different class types and different online platforms, and give tips on how best to prepare for an online class.


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