Due to planned sunsetting of the ePanel application, please select the appropriate group:

A change for the better is coming

To provide you with stable and safe access to digital teaching and learning materials, we are integrating our platforms and digital solutions. As a result of this process, the ePanel application will no longer be available from January 2024. The dynamic development of Pearson English Connect offers convenient use of digital course components and provides access to tools and functionalities not offered by the ePanel application.

More about Pearson English Connect


What this means for you:

  • secure and easy log in procedure, all in one place, 
  • easy online and offline access to all resources on any computer (Windows, Mac) and mobile devices,
  • convenient cooperation with your students in either remote or in-class mode, including the ability to work with an interactive whiteboard,
  • possible access to interactive coursebooks and workbooks, not only in the PDF version, 
  • downloadable materials for teachers such as teaching notes, tests, audio and video files, 
  • several additional functionalities: assigning homework online, creating your own tests, conducting online classes and monitoring students' progress.

Some of the courses not available on the new Pearson English Connect platform will still be available through the well-known Pearson English Portal.

Archived courses

Courses that are no longer on sale but are still available on ePanel, will not be transferred to new platforms due to expired copyright. We encourage teachers who still use archived courses – such as: Activate, Backpack Gold, Big Fun, Cosmic Kids, Exam Activator, Excellent, Friends, Islands, Lifestyle, Market Leader Suplement, My First English Adventure, New Let’s Learn English, New Opportunities, New Sky, New Success, New Total English, Pockets, Side by Side PLUS, Ricky the Robot, Success, Summit, Upbeat, Wonderland - to download necessary materials and save them on own devices before December 31, 2023. We would like to remind you that ePanel allows you to download only some files, including audio and photocopiables. 

Access to digital components on new platforms 

Current access to resources in the ePanel application will not be transferred automatically to new platforms. Pearson English Portal and Pearson English Connect require access code activation.  Teachers who work with our courses and their students have purchased coursebooks or online components will be assisted by our Help Team and local Consultants, who will provide them with access codes to the platforms, if needed.

Our aim is to integrate platforms and provide teachers with the most convenient, stable and secure access to the digital course components. With plans to close the ePanel application by the end of 2023, we invite teachers interested in accessing interactive books, audio, video and additional resources to use our innovative and constantly developing platform – Pearson English Connect.

Pearson English Connect offers teachers’ access (online and offline) to the Presentation Tool, interactive coursebook, interactive workbook, audio and video recordings, additional materials (eg. Teaching Notes or photocopiables) and tests. To gain access to the platform, it is necessary to activate an individual access code.


Technical support

If you have any technical problems with starting or running the app, please contact our dedicated ePanel IT helpdesk by filling up the form:




Technical specification for ePanel application:

  • for Windows - a computer that is able to run the Windows 7-10 operating system; you must have .NET Framework 4.7.2 (or newer) libraries;
  • for Android - system version 6.0 - 9 is required;
  • for iOS - system version 8 (or newer);
  • Mac OS - system does not support Mac OS;
  • min. 1GB of free RAM, because downloaded components and materials take from several KB to several hundred MB;
  • the ePanel application works without Internet access, while such access is required for installation and updates;
  • it is necessary to install Adobe Flash and have a legal and updated operating system.