ePanel is a breakthrough app for teachers. The app lets you easily review new releases from Pearson, gives you access to digitized units of Pearson courses and extra clasroom materials.

With ePanel, your laptop, tablet or smart phone can be a one-stop tool for all the classroom resources you need: student books, workbooks, teacher’s books and audio resources.


ePanel is:

  • all you need to teach a class at a click (no Wi-Fi connection required),
  • an instant access to course units and resources,
  • anytime, anywhere: no need to wait for the postman,
  • a lighter load: stop carrying a pile of paper books,
  • a chance to review new releases and bestsellers from Pearson.

4 simple steps to start using ePanel

Step 1: LOGIN to your pearson.eu account.

Step 2: Go to USER ACCOUNT and enter "ePanel" tab to download and instal app. 


Step 3:  REQUEST ACCESS to course units and extra materials.

Step 4: Login to the app on your computer or mobile device ...and start using!

Printing and audio

For those teachers who prefer a hard copy or who look for inspirational extra resources for an engaging lesson ePanel offers:

  • printing - teachers book, tests, photocopiables, extra classroom material,
  • downloading audio files.

Please remember!

1. ePanel is a teachers' digital library and access can be granted to verified teacher only. You will be able to access the selected resources as soon as Pearson Representative approves your request.

2. Printing is restricted to teachers book, tests, photocopiables and selected classroom material. All the other course components and extra materials can be accessed via the app only.

3. App ePanel can be downloaded maximum on 5 different devices

ePanel for mobile devices

ePanel app is avaliable for mobile devices: tablets and smart pohones.

To download the app on your mobile device please go to Google Play (ePanel for Android) or App Store (ePanel for iOS) and search for "ePanel Pearson".

Minimal technical specification:

  • Android 5.0
  • iOS 9.2

Technical support

If you have any technical problems with starting or running the app, please contact our dedicated ePanel IT helpdesk by filling up the form:




Technical specification for ePanel application:

  • for Windows - a computer that is able to run the Windows 7-10 operating system; you must have .NET Framework 4.7.2 (or newer) libraries;
  • for Android - system version 6.0 - 9 is required;
  • for iOS - system version 8 (or newer);
  • Mac OS - system does not support Mac OS;
  • min. 1GB of free RAM, because downloaded components and materials take from several KB to several hundred MB;
  • the ePanel application works without Internet access, while such access is required for installation and updates;
  • it is necessary to install Adobe Flash and have a legal and updated operating system.