Primary Academy and Pre-Primary Academy have been created with Primary teachers in mind. They are resource hubs with carefully chosen supplementary teaching and learning materials, mapped to the Global Scale of English. The resources have been designed for both classroom use and remote teaching, and can be either streamed or shared with learners.

Primary Academy and Pre-Primary Academy resources are free to download and include media files, such as videos and songs.

What’s inside Primary Academy?

Grammar PPT
Grammar presentation slides

Chants, rhymes, songs

Documentaries, Dramatic episodes (6 GSE levels, with scripts)

American English, British English and Traditional songs (approx. 60 total)

Grammar, vocabulary, skills, projects, puzzles (PDFs, different GSE levels)

Exam preparation
Flyers, Movers, Starters speaking test preparation videos; Cambridge YL and PTE Young Learners practice papers; English Benchmark Young Learners levelling test

Teaching aids
Charts, organizers, alphabet, school signs PDFs

Poptropica Island Game Guides
Walkthrough PDFs

Poptropica Island Game Guides
Walkthrough PDFs

Big Fun Active Teach
Interactive whiteboard software for Big Fun series

Learn at home
Worksheets with arts and crafts, challenges and seasons & festivals activities

Teacher tips and a PDF "Handy Guide to Teaching Online"

NEW in Primary Academy  interactive online adventure games, practicing vocabulary, created in partnership with Seppo. Students perform a variety of attractive tasks to unlock each of three levels and complete the mission. They develop their language skills along the way, including listening and speaking.

Reach out to your local Pearson representative to gain pilot access to Primary Academy Student Area.

What’s inside Pre-Primary Academy?

Animated songs for youngest learners, on three levels

Themed vocabulary practice PDFs on three levels, with teacher’s notes

Ideas for project work on three levels (with ready-made worksheets and teacher’s notes)

Worksheets with activities promoting good values and attitudes.

Songs for practicing pronunciation

Teaching aids
Printable worksheets

Collections of illustrated stories with audio

Themed interactive flashcards with audio

Home learning
Worksheets with activities to do at home

Interactive games, three levels

Bank of listening activities

How to gain access to Primary Academy and Pre-Primary Academy?

Step 1: Log in to ePanel.
If you haven’t used ePanel before, you can download it HERE.

Step 2: Go to Teacher Resource Bank section.

Step 3: 

A - Click on the Primary Academy thumbnail and download the instructions & code PDF. You will need it to unlock access on Pearson English Portal.   B - Click on the Pre-Primary Academy thumbnail and download the instructions & code PDF. You will need it to unlock access on Pearson English Portal.


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