Focus 2nd ed and High Note are both approved Ministry titles for secondary schools for the new 'Škola za život' reform. Both courses have a wealth of materials to support teachers and students and ensure they teach and learn English in an engaging, modern and motivating way and excel in their exams.

High Note

Skills for now and the future.

High Note is an intensive five-level course for upper-secondary students that bridges the gap between school life and young adulthood.
Designed to inspire modern teenagers to reach their ambitious goals, the course equips them with language skills alongside the life and career competencies that are indispensable to succeed in exams, in the workplace and in their future lives.


Focus 2nd edition

Success in and out of the classroom.

Focus Second Edition is an even richer version of the best-selling English language learning series for upper secondary students. The new course retains the best of the first edition – a unique vocabulary building program and the 3Ms methodology. It enhances this with BBC video content and more thorough Use of English preparation, to offer everything teachers and students need to achieve success, in and out of the classroom.
With Focus Second Edition students will be motivated and engaged by the authentic content; they will be strong in all language and life skills, and prepared well for achieving great exam results.

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