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Welcome to Pearson English Connect. It’s a game-changing platform that gives you the ultimate flexibility in English language teaching. The new, hybrid classroom makes learning accessible from anywhere, at any time in highly communicative and interactive ways all from one place.

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Free sample lesson

Explore an engaging Speakout 3rd Edition lesson on the Pearson English Connect platform and try out innovative solutions to help engage students in and out of the classroom.

sample lesson

To learn more and get familiar with all interactive features of the Pearson English Connect platform, please feel free to contact your local Pearson representative.

The platform designed to build confidence

Fully interactive digital experience

  • Learner’s eBook and online practice are fully interactive and report to a grade book.​
  • Teacher and learners have identical views, avoiding guess work, whether on desktop or mobile.​
  • Multiple ways to navigate and access content plus accessibility features for learners who need them.

Monitoring progress and performance

  • Live tasks in the virtual classroom are a truly unique feature to empower teachers to tailor their lessons in real time.
  • One single platform to assign in-class, homework and test activities brings everything together in one place.

Makes online teaching as effective as in-class​

  • The presentation tool is equally effective in a face-to-face lesson or shared in a virtual class.
  • The virtual classroom includes breakout rooms, chat, online whiteboard and 'live questions'.
  • Ability to upload – and even assign – teacher-created content means teachers can personalize their lessons.

Removes the stress

  • Pearson English Connect delivers everything you need – all in one place! No need to log into multiple tools.
  • Hybrid teaching is made easier with the ability to move seamlessly between in-classroom and online teaching.
  • The downloadable app enables teachers to confidently work offline, whatever the connection status.

Offline Application

The school's internet connection may not always be stable or fast enough to allow for efficient use of online tools. Whenever that happens, the Pearson English Connect offline app will come in handy. It allows teachers to work with all platform resources without active internet connection. One only needs to enter the desktop or mobile app and download all relevant content at a convenient time before the class, while connected to the internet , and then run the app to access the resources even when the device is offline.

Download iOS app     Download Android app     Read the instructions

To get the desktop app (Windows, MacOS)  you need to install it from the Pearson English Connect website.

Video tutorials

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